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Hint's DPC Network

Hint Connect works in partnership with benefits innovators and employers to make Direct Primary Care (DPC) the standard of care for employer-sponsored health benefits through a curated network of DPC Clinicians.

Hint’s Direct Primary Care Network

Hint Connect works in partnership with benefits innovators and employers to make Direct Primary Care (DPC) the standard of care for employer-sponsored health benefits through a curated network of DPC Clinicians.


Benefit Advisors & Brokers

Tap into a nation-wide network of independent clinics to implement DPC for employers of all sizes.


Health Plans

Effortlessly integrate DPC into your overall plan design with a seamless member experience.



Improve employee satisfaction and care utilization, and save on healthcare costs.



Grow your practice through our relationships with larger, geographically diverse employers.

Add High Quality Primary Care to Your Employee Benefits Offering

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model that removes insurance from the doctor-patient relationship, enabling doctors to build more meaningful relationships with patients and patients to receive better quality primary care.

In the DPC model, employers pay a recurring membership fee to DPCs for the wellness, chronic disease management, and urgent care needs of their patients. Employees enjoy a stronger relationship with their primary care doctor and better access including virtual visits, same-day/next-day appointments and after hours availability.


Improve Health Outcomes


Downstream Costs


Prevent and Manage Chronic Diseases

Employee with doctor

Value for Employers

DPC does not replace insurance but instead reduces the usage of insurance since 80% of healthcare needs can be accommodated via primary care.

With both reduced usage of traditional insurance and the added value of direct primary care, employers benefit from tremendous savings.


Total claims cost reduction


Reduction in outpatient charges


Reduction in ER utilization rate/1000


Reduction in hospital utilization rate/1000

We’ve Got You Covered

Through our Network of independent DPC practices Hint Connect matches geographically diverse employers with doctors across the country through a single contract that standardizes the benefit across all of the independent clinicians.

See where our clinicians are located today with our Network map.

Average DPC patient panel growth after the first 6 months on Elation
Elation's easy-to-use, problem-oriented EHR can be seamlessly integrated with membership management solutions like Hint to automate the million little things it takes to run a Direct Primary Care practice so you grow your panel size and improve quality of care.

Support the entire patient care cycle


Engage With Patients Before & After Visits

Online scheduling, intake forms, lab results and prescription fills for your patients helps your practice stay connected to your panel.

Virtual and In-Person Care

Provide a seamless care experience to both patients and clinicians, whether you're seeing patients virtually or in the clinic.

Document Visits and Create Orders

Reduce clicks and documentation time with an intuitive and efficient system, purpose-built for primary care.

See the Trends Driving Employer Adoption of DPC

DPC makes it easier for employees to access primary care on a regular basis, thereby increasing utilization, which results in less visits to expensive sites of care such as specialists, urgent care, emergency departments, and inpatient hospitals. Preventative care and any health issues can be addressed early on at the office of a DPC clinician, often at no additional charge.

The Hint Health Data Analytics team compiled data from over 6,000 employers, 3,500 DPC clinicians, and their 1,000,000+ members into the Employer Trends in Direct Primary Care 2023 to better understand changes, challenges, and benefits of employer-sponsored DPC.

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Hint Connect Partners

High-quality, affordable healthcare plans, anchored in Direct Primary Care.
Health Share
Affordable and accessible health plans built around Direct Primary Care.
TPA/Health Plan
Full-spectrum primary care, mental health care, and care navigation.
TPA/Health Plan
Value-based, transparent, employee-centric health plans
Benefits Advisor
Alternative healthcare options that put employers in the drivers seat.
TPA/Health Plan
Employee benefits packages that help your team and community thrive.
Benefits Advisor
Accelerating adoption of simple, practical, non-partisan fixes to our healthcare system.
Empowering employers, brokers & providers to build custom health plans.
TPA/Health Plan
Helping employers do health benefits better through self-funded plans.
Health plans for members to share each other's medical costs.
Health Share


Direct Primary Care: The Physician Perspective with Dr. David Cameron.

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Watch the recording of Hint Connect's webinar with David Contorno of E Powered Benefits announcing the launch of E Powered DPC.

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Beth Holmes, Head of Hint Connect, talks about how DPC is different, the benefits it brings to users, and how Hint Connect is positioned to bring the benefit of DPC to health plans.

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Hear from Dr. David Cameron and Beth Holmes about enabling employer access to DPC.

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